Dtapped out

The Pfizer COV vaccine was put into my son at age 9 without my consent. He’s different. He has cognitive damage. A formerly chill child is easily irritated. He had heavy breathing and trouble running. He quit cross country. His heart had an irregular beat. I know what it was. It seems to be gone.

I have not seen him since October 16, 2023. The court thinks I’m mentally ill for telling the truth about the government. My son was damaged by his father. I do think his heart was healing though. His lungs are damaged. His soul is clearly damaged.

He is now 12 years old, 6th grade. He is set to get another DTaP this year. It nearly killed him before. I believe it’s the pertussis part. That’s the part that affected me and my kids the most. I hate Pharma.

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