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Del said that this bill was “too clever” for some people to understand and that it was a “Trojan horse” meant to pave the way for more vaccine testing. I’m not in favor of vaccine testing at all. I’m certainly not in favor of testing childhood vaccines on children. This is what Del Bigtree stands for, and this is what RFK Jr. stands for. I hope you will watch Del Bigtree’s episode 376, where he states that this bill does not override other exemptions. So then, why do we need it? That was one of my criticisms: we don’t need more laws, and we certainly don’t need a law that states that if a vaccine has been approved by the FDA after being tested for one year against a placebo or another vaccine it can be required, it promotes the use of vaccines and confidence in the FDA.

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Lynn Ertell
Lynn Ertell
4 days ago

If we take George Bernard Shaw’s above-cited sociological observation as valid, then virology is any system of professional knowledge that obscures technical terms, generates false positive tests and imaging equipment that provides government scientific legitimization for using lethal doses of drugs that provide massive wealth, prestige and power to its beneficiaries and government (see Jennifer Daniels, MD, The Lethal Dose: Why Your Doctor is Prescribing It). This is why Alternative Medicine correctly calls virology a pseudo-science. But Alternative Medicine seems only interested in countering virology that: “there are no viruses.” However, Alt Med proceeds to fail to explain what people are dying of, leaving the public in the dark just as Allopathic Medicine does. We are left with the Shakespearean curse of a “plague on both their houses”.

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