Four questions and four responses. – by Katherine Watt
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Four questions and four responses. – by Katherine Watt

Four questions and four responses.

What are the most important things people need to know right now?

For more than 100 years, the US government, through the military, and specifically through the Public Health Service branch of the US military, in collaboration with private pharmaceutical companies and the UN-World Health Organization, has been intentionally and effectively poisoning the population in the US and worldwide, using products known as vaccines and immunizations (toxic mixtures of active ingredients listed on labels, adjuvants listed on labels, and undisclosed ingredients), and thereby hidden from public understanding.

The intentional poisoning program has been escalating decade by decade. It started smaller and less deadly than it is now.

Due to changes in US law, acts that are crimes in other legal contexts, such as poisoning, battery, torture and homicide, if carried out by vaccines (and many other drugs, devices and biological products) are legal. Perpetrators cannot be held liable under civil tort law and cannot be prosecuted under criminal law.

This intentional poisoning is much more visible to the public because of the Covid-19 events since 2020, so there are more possibilities for stopping the programs.

One of the main methods to carry out the mass deception is false attribution of cause and effect. [For Sage Hana readers familiar with the Day Tapes, these are examples of ostensible reason v. real reason.]

Effect – Observed decline in communicable disease, infectious disease burdens since approximately 1950s or earlier.

  • False cause, presented by US Gov/military/public health/pharmaceuticals: more available vaccine products and rising vaccine uptake among population.
  • Actual causes: Cleaner water supplies, better air quality, better nutrition, better housing, better working conditions.

Effect – Observed increase in chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, asthma, allergies, autism, autoimmune disorders, infertility, depression, anxiety, heart disease and cancers since approximately 1950s.

  • False cause, presented by US Gov/military/public health/pharma: lifestyle choices, alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise, stress, poor diet, environmental pollutants in air, water, soil, and inherited genetic traits (all of which probably contribute.)
  • Actual primary cause – More available vaccine products and rising vaccine uptake among population, especially children, and especially since 1970s.

Effect – Observed positive results from diagnostic tests on “dashboards” and mortality statistics listing Covid as cause of death, since 2020.

  • False cause, presented by governments and public health authorities: deadly global pandemic.
  • Actual cause – Rigged diagnostic tests, data sets and hospital/nursing home homicide protocols, incentivized by federal funding to hospitals and nursing homes.

Effect – Observed increase in illness, sudden deaths, turbo cancers, among your friends and family since early 2021.

  • False cause, presented by governments and public health authorities: Covid or Long-Covid.
  • Actual cause: Covid-19 vaccines and other vaccines, damage to organs and organ systems, especially damage to immune system.

How do you know it? How did you find this out? What is the evidence?

My background is in newspaper and online journalism and legal research, as a paralegal for lawyers handling constitutional, civil rights, criminal and environmental law cases.

After I got past the first couple of months of US government messaging and realized it did not align with what I could see happening, I’ve spent the Covid years doing legal research.

I wanted to understand why the systems that should have been able to correct things weren’t working: things like investigative journalism, scientific data analysis, pharmaceutical regulatory agencies like the FDA, lawsuits against government agencies and manufacturers, and state and federal courts.

I followed the court cases that were being filed, to see how the judges handled them, and tracked down the laws being cited by the government officials and pharmaceutical companies in defending their actions.

By January 2022, I had some pieces put together, and a large one fell into place when I heard a podcast about the World Health Organization, International Health Regulations, the 2005 IHR amendments.

2005 IHR required WHO member states to align their domestic laws — statutes, regulations, executive orders, policies, programs — at the federal and state levels, to legalize the government acts that were happening: lockdowns, business and school closures, mandates, firings, school expulsions, military discharges, liability exemptions for manufacturers of toxic products, immunity from criminal prosecution for users of toxic products.

US Congress, US presidents, Health and Human Services, FDA, CDC, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, governors, state legislatures, etc., complied.

Laws legalizing homicide and other crimes, when committed by people using EUA countermeasures under ‘public health emergency’ legal conditions, are on the books.

Since January 2022, I’ve continued doing legal research, building the timeline, and writing about the laws and regulations through which the US Congress, US presidents, US Cabinet secretaries have constructed a “legal kill box.”

Kill box is military term to describe a geographical and temporal space in which enemy targets are trapped so they can be killed more easily by military weapons — traditional weapons such as guns and missiles, and now pharmaceutical weapons labeled as drugs, devices and biological products, including all vaccines.

In this case, the sides of the kill box are formed by American laws.

Source: (4) Four questions and four responses. – by Katherine Watt

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