Keep them guessing on what’s in them

Katherine Watt explains why no two vaccines are likely the same.

On a population-wide scale, therefore, people who want to induce infertility, cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and all the other observed disorders that have increased throughout the 20th century and exploded since 2021, have not needed or wanted, and still do not need or want, predictability of effect for a given vial or dose (or series of doses), as used on a specific individual.

They need and want widespread, non-critical trust in the class of products known as vaccines combined with mass, ongoing, serial use of the products, which are widely varying, protein-fragment-rich and toxic-chemical-rich mixtures whose compositions are highly unpredictable and which are not subject to testing to identify their contents before use.

The less predictable the effects on a per-dose, per-target basis under social conditions of high, non-critical trust in vaccines as a product class, the better for the killers, because the chain of causation is more difficult to discern.

Source: (5) On why FDA revised written non-rules for non-regulation of biological products to make them more unintelligible, inapplicable and unenforceable since the 1990s.