120+ years of legalized, US-government-led pharmaceutical fraud.

Another damning article.

The record of laws passed by Congress, signed by US Presidents, implemented through the US Code of Federal Regulations, with rule changes published in the Federal Register, and upheld by federal and state courts, confirm that biological product and vaccine licensing, cGMP-compliance monitoring and related programs allegedly operated by the US Food and Drug Administration have been nothing more than pretextual, deceptive acts carried out to elicit and maintain broad public compliance with vaccination programs, because vaccines are actually intentionally harmful biological weapons developed, manufactured, promoted and distributed jointly by the federal Public Health Service and pharmaceutical companies, and vaccinators don’t want targets to know it.

Vaccination programs are not conducted to promote public health or welfare, strengthen human immune systems, or to protect people from communicable diseases.

Vaccination programs are conducted to cause population-wide harms, damage human immune systems and induce chronic disease and premature death.

The systematic worldwide mass poisoning non-crime crime of vaccination rests on the federal legalization of pharmaceutical regulation fraud, and public lack of knowledge about it.

Source: (55) 120+ years of legalized, US-government-led pharmaceutical fraud.

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