9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling – can’t force covid19 treatment

Miles Mathis reports:

We are seeing the same thing today with the 9th
Circuit Court of Appeals ruling the Covid vaccines are
not vaccines. Looks like Pfizer forgot to pay off these judges. In arguments the CDC admitted the
vaccines were not vaccines, conferring no immunity and only (allegedly) mitigating symptoms. That is
a treatment, not a vaccine. This confirms what some of us have been screaming for years, to no avail.
It was obvious to anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of medicine or history that these were not
vaccines, which is why I called them fake vaccines or faux-vaccines. They were called vaccines only to
finagle legal immunity for the drug companies and qualify them for government pushing. That and to
capture public trust.
This is being reported by alternative sites like Zerohedge and Infowars, so as usual I did a general
search, to see how widely it was being reported in the mainstream. As I expected, it has been buried.
Most big mainstream news agencies are not just burying it, they are not reporting it at all. Bing
returned zero results in a general search for this from mainstream news agencies. Other mysterious
new sites are being toplisted, claiming that isn’t what the judgment says. In other words, the CIA and
Alphabet are burying it by their own sneaky methods, by downlisting it, censoring it, or lying about it.
Pfizer didn’t need to buy these judges because they already own the media. In that way they can just
fail to report it or assure you the judges didn’t say what they said.

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