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4 months ago

CHEMTRAILS or whatever they are (mentioned by the first caller). Ab is dismissive on this subject, like he was about vaccines until he experienced the damage first hand, to himself and a loved one – permanent VACCINE DAMAGE, I assume permanent, as they’ are now a type 1 diabetic (he has mentioned all this in previous podcasts), though I would fight that with a strict keto diet. Though I do not have experience with type 1 diabetes, from what I’ve heard, like most things in mainstream medicine, the “cure” is worse than the dis-ease or the “cure” is not reversing the dis-ease. So personally it’s hard to say there but I have heard the recommendation to ‘not’ take the insulin, – ever -, but then again maybe first change the diet back to normal, which is keto. 

STRANGE AIRPLANE TRAFFIC .. Is it possible Canada is not having this problem? It is definitely an American thing ..whatever you want to call it, even if it’s just excessive normal airplane traffic – which it doesn’t seem to be.. normal. Regardless! Airplanes are messing our skies up a lot here! This subjects’ dialog (spell-cast, word magic) is a ruse in itself, to call the event “chemtrails’ ‘ and then be dismissed by that alone .. those who are triggered by that word alone, who then dismiss anyone who mentions it .. (Ab). We should know these tactics already here .. Ab is on level one of denial, with the classic, “why.. would they spray themselves..” normie response .. It’s a big world, right? Probably bigger than what we’ve all been led to believe, so who’s to say where “they” live? I’ve never seen anyone in the U.S. that even looks remotely  like they’re part of some top echelon of world elites, the ones pulling all the strings .. I’m sure all we get are their employees, ‘bag men’ and again this is something we should already know around here (Fakeologist ..ASC). I imagine rule number one for ‘them’ is to not be known and do everything by proxy. All proxy agents, actors, politicians, intermediates.. that’s all we get .. and they are probably no more aware of what these planes are doing than anybody else.. in these ‘managed’ sectors of the world. Compartmentalization.

– Thanks Ab and Georgia callers. – I used to live in Metter, briefly, and Dalton Georgia for about a year. I was born in Chicago but I now consider myself a Rebel and love the rebel spirit of the south.. (what’s left of it) those that still know big government is a sham, who have inherited this spirit from their ancestors, from how they were treated during and after the “Civil War” event.

PS..Chiropractors. No thank you! They always start out by bombarding you with radiation. X-rays, then proceed with their propaganda about how you need them indefinitely.. for life. Come on, we don’t need anything except nature. God given, God. Thanks.

Ron Milazzo
Ron Milazzo
4 months ago

yo.. where’s my comment? do you censor now? okay don’t post this but do post my previous!