Dr Suzanne Humphries is a virus hugger contagion believer

Oh well I had a feeling there was something off and about this one.

Don’t be so open-minded that your brain falls out. I’ve been down this rabbit hole a decade ago regarding measles and influenza. Don’t let the fact that virology is corrupt make you believe that viruses do not exist are not transmitted. Yes they don’t infect and cause disease in everybody that is exposed. That does not mean they do not exist.. I think it would be great if viruses didn’t exist because then we could take this argument about vaccines and throw it out the window. But the fact of the matter is that there is overwhelming evidence not only of the existence of different viruses, but the transmission. I’m right smack  now in the middle of a Covid infection and I know exactly where I got it from, a house concert event where more than half of the people there became infected and sick, and I know exactly who I gave it to later. Some of the people I gave it to were completely unaware that I was sick so it wasn’t their expectation or fear that made them sick. I only had mild symptoms in the beginning but then got knocked over by it. Have a read.

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