Let the lawsuits flow

Miles Mathis

Some apparently good news is coming out this week, indicating the Phoenicians aren’t having
everything their way. I will compile the high points for you here.
The biggest news is Kansas suing Pfizer for fraud for lying about the safety of the Covid vaccines. I
would expect other states to join this suit, perhaps as many as thirty of them, since all states will be
seeing big losses from the Covid fraud. The attorneys for Kansas can now cite the recent appellate
decision in California, where the judges ruled that the new “vaccines” do not match the old definition
of vaccine used in cases back to smallpox rulings by the Supreme Court a century ago. The California
judges ruled in favor of plaintiffs who had argued these vaccines were not vaccines at all, being
treatments for symptoms rather than inoculations. That was pretty easy to do, since the CDC and FDA
changed the definition of vaccine to fit these new products. Big Pharma has admitted in their own
literature the “vaccines” lessen the severity of symptoms, but cannot prevent them or provide immunity
from them.
Even that is a lie, since it is doubtful the “vaccines” can even lessen the severity of symptoms. What
the faux-vaccines do—based on a real track record—is make those who take them MORE susceptible
to future infections, as well as generate blood clots, heart attacks, miscarriages, cancer, and a host of
other diseases.

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