Month: March 2024


Normalizing cancer The sole purpose of this bullshit article is to seed the idea that cancer in young, healthy people was already on the rise from 1993 to 2019. So we shouldn’t be alarmed at the …


ASC010-Call in show

John the Beggar, Peter from CO, and Dookiefoot from AK call in. iFrame is not supported! Play in new window | Download


Let this sink in a bit Punchline: The July 2018 ICAN-HHS stipulation supports the conclusion that none of those regulatory functions have been performed, no records of vaccine manufacturing regulation have been produced by FDA or regulated manufacturers, and none …


Aluminum salts are causing all the damage It’s the adjuvants not the antigens. So, aluminium adjuvants are effective in magnifying the potency of infinitesimally small amounts of antigen because they are acutely toxic at the vaccine injection site. If the toxicity …