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Dr. W. Makis: Sudden Deaths Accelerating; Tipping Point on Horizon

2 Social Media Influencers Joked about Dying Suddenly, Then Died Suddenly

NZ Politician who Pushed the Jab, Dies Suddenly

Loss of lives

Hero anti-covid doctor

“In October last year, the College became aware that I had been writing exemptions for patients,” said Dr. O’Connor, “and they contacted me and said that they wanted the names and charts of these patients. This is completely going against all the legal rights of my patients, both the right to choose their medical treatment and also their privacy rights.”

In 2017, Dr. Neides Realized His Ignorance Lead to Vax Injury and Death of Patients

Ontario Woman – Paralyzed After Moderna – Doctors offer Her – Medical Assisted Death

This happened on 2-22-22, so it may be a hoax.

Otherwise another clot shot event.

‘This is a scandal BIGGER than the Post Office’ | Vaccine injury victim …UK

It’s about compensation money – not about that all vaccines are poison and unsafe.

Steering the river not stopping it.

Her baby (Cash) got his first round of vaccines.

It’s never the vax or we go to war