“No one was forced to take the vax..”


Florida Surgeon General calls for halt to COVID-19 vaccine, citing possi…

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What’s Killing The Vaccinated?


African School Children Jumping Out Windows & Running from Forced Vaccinations!


Vaccine fire drill.

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House of Numbers – AIDS hoax


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“Why vaccines do not work” in a nutshell


A lot of people have spent a lot of time arguing about the pros and cons of vaccines. In reality there are no pros, only cons. Vaccines are a complete con and always have been.

People ignore the blindingly obvious which is this and irrefutable.

1. Vaccines contain, if anything, poisons or foreign bodies.1

2. Poisons and foreign bodies have never been good for one’s health.

3. Poisoning oneself will cause disease.

Therefore avoid vaccines like the plague as otherwise you will get the plague. It really is that simple.

Everyone’s sick – but it can never be the vaccine

Mass poisoning = mass psychosis.

Many families felt the same gloom. In Markham, Lydia Kim tried everything she could to get her 10-year-old daughter’s 104.7°F fever to break. In 15 years of raising children, she’d never seen a number that frightening on the thermometer. At urgent care, the doctor told her it was an upper respiratory infection, most likely the flu. It was all he was seeing — the result of a less-cautious society worn down by a pandemic. While Kim’s daughter got better, she spent most of the holiday in bed, too exhausted to

Source: Why it seemed like everyone was sick this holiday season

Steve Kirsch: ”We Cannot Find an Unvaccinated Child With Autism or ADD”


Children dying when they should be thriving

Children are DYING from “complications from the flu” reality. Children are dying because of COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEMS caused by covid vaccines, mask mandates and forced isolation!