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Another foundational lie is the one about deadly global pandemics capable of traveling all around the world and killing lots of people.

The more I think about the arc of human history as reflected in American and international law during the public-health-emergencies/cross-border-communicable- disease-threats-Global-Health-Security-Agenda-pandemic-preparedness decades from 1944 to the present, the more it strikes me that the vaccine-based poisoning program that began in the 1950s and hit its’ full stride in 1986 with the National Vaccine Program and ever-expanding childhood immunization schedules, was Plan B.

It was Plan B for people whose Plan A was to find (in animal or human reservoirs) or modify (in labs) communicable pathogens capable of killing the numbers of people they really wanted to watch die without having to visibly bomb, poison or shoot them, but who realized — perhaps sometime in the 1950s or early 1960s — that they would never be able to achieve that goal.

The goal would remain perpetually out of reach because the pathogens they found or modified that were communicable enough to pass easily and sustainably across large geographic regions and borders were not deadly enough to kill many people.

And because the pathogens they found or modified to reliably and efficiently kill people, were not communicable enough to kill more than the small number of people physically very close to the initial release points.

The goal would be especially difficult to reach among people and societies with strong moral and religious traditions, who would promote and protect heterosexual, monogamous relationships formed for the purpose of bearing children and raising families, against the socially-corrosive, selfish sterility of homosexuality and the soul-crushing loneliness of promiscuity.

Thus the Plan B motive for the globalist death cult to also undermine formation of strong men and women, traditional marriages, families and neighborhoods, and instead promote self-sterilization and family-destruction programs including pornography; contraception; divorce; social rootlessness/internal migration; homosexuality; abortion; and transgenderism.

Thus the Plan B motive for the death cult to provide false moral rationales to drive the choices made by individuals in that seemingly free marketplace of options that is actually a collection of moral dead-ends: false rationales including overpopulation, resource scarcity, climate change and financial debt/social program budget crises.

And thus the Plan B motive to develop the whole system of routine poison-vaccinations and their myriad sickening effects, more or less acute or chronic depending on the individual vulnerabilities of the target bodies and the composition of the toxic compounds.

Across those decades — three generations of babies born since 1986, to three generations of parents — resultant neurological and depressive disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and dysbiosis, asthma, allergies and autoimmune disorders, infertility, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancers have been attributed by the CDC-FDA poisoners, when addressing the targets of their public poisoning assaults, to poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyles, environmental pollutants and chronic stress.

The same CDC-FDA poisoners steadily suppressed every voice connecting the poor health outcomes to the accumulation of injected and nasal-sprayed toxins dispensed from vaccine vials.

Then the poisoners topped it off (2020 to present) with the more-toxic, faster-acting poison-vaccinations: public health emergency EUA ‘countermeasures.’

With that historical-legal arc in mind, I emphasize a point I made in the interview:

I regard the PREP Act declarations in the Federal Register about marburgvirus, ebolavirus, hemorrhagic fevers and acute radiation syndrome (and other PREP Act declarations) as multi-purpose.

They are legal coverage to exempt biological weapons manufacturers and users from liability for the injuries and deaths caused by use of bioweapons — including all vaccines and other biological products — for their intended, harmful purposes.

And they are document props to drive fear and behavioral compliance with government directives.

But I don’t regard them as signs or signals that the globalist death-cult can or will actually “release” novel pathogens.

To emphasize a second point:

I think it is plausible that EMF and RF transmissions may be used to cause radiation poisoning symptoms, and that those symptoms may be attributed — by government public health officials trying to drive compliant behavior — to communicable diseases.

Conspiracy Sarah has done a good post on this:

Dec. 17, 2023 – Turns Out, It’s Marburg AND Acute Radiation Syndrome Season.

And yes, the weapons manufacturers are — under the active PREP Act declarations — already producing toxic injections and other products to be presented to the public as medicinal treatments for acute radiation syndrome.

Just as the weapons manufacturers have produced and are still producing toxic injections and other products presented to the public as medicinal treatments for Covid, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), rotavirus, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, rubella, anthrax, smallpox, hepatitis, human papilloma virus, meningitis, pneumonia, all among the 90-some toxic products currently sitting in the CDC-FDA’s biochemical weapons arsenal.

Don’t take them.

They are poisons.

They are not medicines.

I have access to more than enough information to draw these conclusions.

My views are based not on volume but on credibility assessments in light of what I’ve learned about how much false information is produced, by whom, and for what purposes. And about how much true information those lie-purveyors suppress, distort and malign.

My credibility assessments may be wrong; time will tell.

In the meantime, I’m offering this information and analysis in the hope that it might help interested readers alleviate some of their fears, and increase the confidence needed to look at events as they unfold, see them more clearly, and think them through better.

Maybe it will help more people quickly identify lies as lies, and thus be better able to withstand the next rounds of coercive, lie-based demands for behavioral compliance.

God-willing, three generations of parents deceived by lies, and three generations of children poisoned by vaccines, is enough.

God-willing, more babies in forthcoming years will get the chance to grow up without these poisons permeating their tiny, growing bodies.

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