Vaccine Science and Myth

Vaccine Science and Myth
by Sarah Myhill, MB, BS
OMNS (May 31, 2024) I am a conventionally trained medical doctor who was taught, during the 1970s, how vaccines were a vital protection against infectious disease and responsible for the massive reductions in infectious disease. I now believe the opposite – vaccines are driving many diseases of Westerners from autoimmunity and autism to allergy and arthritis. Why so? What is the history of this volte face?

My first wake up moment came from Dr. Andrew Wakefield in the early 1990s. I telephoned him at the request of a patient whose son developed autism a few weeks following his MMR vaccination. Despite being a busy paediatric gastroenterologist he gave me 30 minutes of his valuable time detailing a biologically plausible mechanism that could explain this clinical fact. Dr. Wakefield’s original article can still be read, albeit with ‘REDACTED’ in large red letters written all over it. [1]

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